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Send a letter to somebody ✔ -Summer Bucket List #9

So one day, out of nowhere, I decided to send a letter.
Not just any letter.
A Hogwarts Letter.
From Hogwarts. You know, the letter that wizards and witches receive on their 11th birthday, notifying them of their acceptance to the amazing school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts.

Look at this amazing place under the starry sky *stops breathing for a second*

Yeah, I'm so nice I decided to spend around 2 hours (with breaks, more like) to craft a bunch of documents that is an imitation of the real one.

Wait, what am I saying... the one I'm making is the real one!

Anyway, for the first document, I surfed the net for some legit-looking one that held more resemblance compared to some others, and the better one seemed to be here Photo Funia's. You just type in the title (Mr, Ms), Name, Last Name, and address, and they'll give you this:

And they even gave the template to make the envelope with the Hogwarts seal and everything!!!

This should be all there is, right?


Because the person I was sending this letter to was wayy older than 11, which was the normal age to receive the Hogwarts letter, I decided to include another document explaining why the letter was late. So I spent another 20 minutes searching the net for a legitimate explanation.

I don't even know why I go through this much trouble. I mean, this is nice and all, but I guess when I want to do things for people, I do it fully, I go great lengths to make it right. 

Cant read it? TOO BAD *
Cant read it? TOO BAD**

You couldn't possibly think I was that bad, right?

* 29 May 2011
Dear Ms ____,                                                
Due to Muggles having become recently aware of the wizarding community, the Ministry of Magic has determined that all Hogwarts letters must be sent by Muggle post until further notice. OUr regrets that your letter was not delivered by traditional owl post. Please rely your Hogwarts acceptance letter by post.

Percy Weasley
Undersecretary for the Minister of Magic.


** Dear ____,
How are you? I regret to inform you that though you have received your Hogwarts letter, it is late for two reasons:
1) Voldemort had erased the names of muggles in the student book and hence it took awhile for the Hogwarts staff to recover the erased names. 
2) They had sent the letter to the wrong address (mine). I have spoken to Mrs McGonagall and she has agreed to extend your dateline to August 31. I do look forward to seeing you at Hogwarts! 
P.S. I am in Gryffindor.

(my signature)
(my name)
16 August 2015

For the first letter, the one from the Ministry of Magic, I took the logo, copied the words (they were in Times New Roman font on some website or forum, I forgot) and made it into a word doc.

Unfortunately, this Potterhead did not get a reply, even though the letter was sent to another Potterhead.

This is what happens when an ISTJ expects just as much dedication, commitment from others as he/she did himself/herself, I guess.

Just don't expect me to make these letters in my free time for any random person.

Oh well, I still enjoyed making the documents. And managed to tick one (#9) from my summer bucket list, which I have less than a week to try and tick all (but is not possible). 

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