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Summer 2015 Bucket List

It's the first day of summer break and probably my first 'legit' summer break as previous summers (July and August) were spent on still having 'school'. True, I still have Amaths and Chinese, but my other subjects are off!!!)
Hence I've decided to make a Summer 2015 Bucket list, and tick them off when I've completed them (started on 6 July):

1. ✔ Model UN (what's summer without MUN?)
2. ✔ Make new friends
3. 1 day without talking (verbally)
4. ✔ Take photos (like 100+)
5. ✔ Listen to new music
6. German (for goodness sake learn more than the basic sentences and remember them)
7. ✔ Go swimming and biking  [9, 10 Jul]
8. Earn some money
9. ✔ Send a letter to somebody
10. Bake a cake/cookies
11. ✔ PIZZA!
12. Go to the beach (spend a day there)
13.✔  Go hiking
14. ✔ Barclays Asia Trophy!!! (It's when I get to watch Arsenal live!!!)
15. ✔ Print out 20 memories (photos)
16. ✔Fireworks!!
17. ✔T-shirt painting
18. Upload a video on Youtube (the last one was in February so I have to upload one soon)
19. ✔Bubble tea..... (or Blackball which is better :D)
20. ✔ Blog all the experiences (or in journal)
21. Get temporary tattoo/henna
22. ✔ Have a campfire ✔
23. ✔ Movie marathon
24. Do something to my hair and leave it for the rest of the day (which is kind of hard because my hair is either in a ponytail or down [only when wet]. For example, I'll give you a scenario: *Somehow clicks on '10 Hairstyle Hack, Simple and Quick'*. *Scrolls and looks at the photos and instructions.* "Are you kidding me, you call it 'Simple and Quick? Ain't nobody got time for this, just tie it up in a ponytail." *quickly closes tab*)
25. ✔Write. And write. And write.
26.✔ Sleepover.
27. Fundraise.
28. ✔ Do something nice to/for a stranger :)
29. Read all Harry Potter books (#1, #2, #3 done, #4, #5, #6, #7 to go)
30. ✔ Don't make this list too long and too hard to complete all because I only have 2 months. But will continue adding to this list anyway.
31. Get a new phone! (No I'm not the kind who constantly changes phone, this one has had quite a lot of problems and I'm supposed to look for one and buy it but keep procrastinating.)
32.  Coffee-stain artwork (or similar)  ✔ [6 July] (used Milo instead of coffee)
33. ✔Collect Gosho that I like (Gosho is a compilation of letters that Nichiren Daishonin wrote to his disciples)
34. ✔ Practise piano pieces until I love all of them. (Not easy, man. Prelude I like, Fugue I don't like :/)
35. ✔ Collect more meaningful quotes and passages, jot down in book.
36. ✔ Memorise lyrics of Morigasaki Beach,  Conte Partiro (choir songs)
37. ✔ Watch movies (in the cinema)  [1, 4, 8 July]
38. ✔ TEDtalks  [8 July]
39. ✔ Give my blog a makeover  [8 July] 

For #29, I did read, just not Harry Potter. I'd finished the whole CHERUB series (first and second), except Divine Madness because I couldn't find any downloadable ones online, and none in the library either. 


  1. Nice bucket list. You have tons of cool stuff that I wanna do this summer toooo! I wish summer would last forever and I can just go on hikes, camps, conferences and create lots of fun art and music pieces... The list goes on and on. ><

    Well, have a fun summer!

    Oh and you have a really nice blog and I look forward to reading more from you. :)


    1. Yeah, if only summer was forever.. but then we'll get tired and restless sometime later and go back to doing work. You have a fun summer too!
      Thank you :D
      Thanks for popping by!


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