8/06/2015 06:01:00 pm

The Golden Jubilee

You see the SG50 logo everywhere... in my MUN Conference guide,  on products, on banners... everywhere. Now it's on my blog.
And also the SG 50 shirt that the 16 Raw Potatoes are selling.

It's been 50 years since Singapore's independence, since August 9, 1965. 

Besides the long weekend and the National Day Parade, there are many more things you should take the chance to do.

Appreciate what we have now. We have a clean environment with trees and flowers everywhere. When the streetlight is spoilt, it is quickly fixed. The public transport is safe and efficient compared to other countries and parents can let their children travel alone without much worry.

Appreciate what the past generations have done that enabled this island to prosper to be what it is now. Be grateful. 

Isn't that already enough?

For a moment, look around and appreciate what you have that the past generations may not have the chance to experience.

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