8/27/2015 11:01:00 pm

Musings 002 | The In-between State |

You know the state between being awake and being asleep? Where you are vaguely aware of what's happening, but then your body feels like lead when you want to go to the toilet, or to get up and switch off the light, or pick up that call...?

I like to think that state as the in-between state. Here's what I assume happening :

During the In-between state, your brain is slowly switching off various gears and buttons, before you sleep. So around 5 to 30 minutes after lying down (or more, depending if you have had any caffeine or any other complicating factors that affects the time period), you limbs will start to feel a bit heavy.

Sometimes it happens slowly-like at first it's your left and right leg, then you arms. But sometimes, when you body is tired, it goes straight into that stage.

Then there's also this part where your limbs become restless after being still for so long, and though it become partially (naturally) numb, your brain can't help but to move that limb into a more comfortable position. That's the annoying part-usually after the limbs become partially numb and heavy, you'll fall asleep soon, but once you move a limb, it's like that switch that was previously off was turned on once again, and it'll take some time to switch off.

When the switches are turned off one by one, there's this vision in my mind, like you're going on a train. But the thing is, sometimes you're going forwards, sometimes it's like your train is reversing-at the same speed you went when you went forward. It's like a train because when you look to the side, it's just blur.

Or maybe it's falling down a hole, and half of the time there's this huge fan pushing you back up, but then when you think you're going up, that giant fan is turned off, gravity takes over and you feel yourself go forward. But when you fall it's full body, not feet first.

Soon you'll either find yourself in a dream, or wake up the next morning with no reminder of last night except for a black hole.

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