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Musings 001 | Cycling |

Photo and text credits to me.
(Photo taken at another cycling trip)
After a rather tiring day (my teacher may say otherwise) of schooling and life, I decided to take my bike out for a bit of cycling.

With around ten minutes before the sky turned indigo, I wheeled my bike out onto the street and started pedalling. As I felt the cooling breeze rush past my face, then my neck and my arms and legs, I had realised how much I had missed cycling. I cannot describe the delight I feel. Going uphills (slightly), then U-turning and going downhill. Ducking under over-extended branches and still feeling some graze lightly on my face. The greenery somehow makes you relax and rewind.

True, it was great to go downhill on my bike, but in order to enjoy that feeling, you have to pedal uphill first. It's the same in life: if you want to enjoy the fruit of your labour, you have to work hard first.

Cycling at different times will allow you to experience different things. At dusk, while cycling past the rows of houses, I sniffed out cooking-deep fried, stir-fried dishes, with sounds of spatulas and scraping against metal woks and ceramic bowls. There was no sound otherwise-the birds had gone to nest.

Today, it was as if the sun had skipped the part of the sunset where the golden-orangey colours seem to dye the sky pink-orange. Instead the clouds had blanketed the sky, giving it a light grey-blue tinge.

I think I'd very much like to take ten minutes of my time tomorrow to cycle again.

(Credits to ilovebicycling.com)

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