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About Me- as of Mar 2015

Hey there! Somehow you have either:
a. Clicked on the blog link out of curiosity, from whatever sources,
b. Had no idea what you clicked and this website popped up
c. Been searching for a topic or something, which led you here.

Anyhow, welcome!

I am a person:

1. A blogger. I created my first blog when I was 7 or 8 but I have this habit of making new blogs (same with diaries) so this one is created because the last blog had some technical problems. I love writing, but the thing is my inspiration comes on and off like a spoiled tap, so sometimes I would write a bunch of posts and other times I would disappear. When I disappear, it's either I'm up to my neck with homework, classes and activities, or I procrastinate (I know, not a good habit), which leads to my second point-

2. Procrastinator. So yeah.

3. Organized (semi). I can be horribly organized at the start of a project, or say at the start of a year/month. I'll have really neat planner and stuff, but then at the end of the year my schedule is probably semi-filled. I totally agree with this: 20 Struggles Of Being Both Independent And A Procrastinator.

4. Pianist- I've been playing since I was 4 or 5, and I really love it. Check out my Youtube account ForeverNing, I've uploaded a couple of piano covers.

5. Music lover. Though I don't have my favourite band, I have a range of favourites.

6. Football (soccer) lover. Arsenal all the way. Nothing else. I play too, defensive.

7.  Also a couple of people (more like a lot) say I behave much more mature than my age. Which I will not state here.

8. I'm interested in music-psychology, like how music can affect the workings of your brain and how it helps you get organized, be happy, change your mood etc. I'm reading (and taking notes) this book called: Your Playlist Can Change Your Life.
9.  -

10. That's Wilshere's number and enough facts about me. 

11. Ozil.

12. Giroud. (sorry I just felt like doing that. #sorrynotsorry) 

13. That's probably all I have to say about me, here, for now. Anyhow, do bookmark this blog (if you wish) and come back frequently! I'll be really happyyyyy (like, minion happy) if you share this blog with your friends!

14. Oh yeah, I have an instagram @hopefulpencil. There are photography and quotes and other random stuff that I feel like posting. Do check it out :)

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