6/22/2015 08:52:00 pm

A terribly difficult decision to make

Just today I was making a very difficult decision. And I still haven't decided on an option yet. What was it that I had to make up my mind on, you may ask. Well, it was whether or not to register as a delegate for an upcoming MUN (Model United Nations) conference.

You may ask, why is it so hard? Just think about it and conclude 'yes, I want to participate', or 'no thanks'.
Here's the situation:
1. I'm having some major exams (one subject only), but exams nonetheless. The exam is split into two parts- in July which is on the 2nd to 3rd week, and the first week of November.
2. This MUN is in August, and the allocations are out after my July exam, which means I have time to research and prepare for the MUN.
3. July and August will be summer break, meaning I don't have online school except for the subject that I'm having the major exam on. I'm hoping I'll have a lot of free time on my hands, which I could spend researching and preparing for this MUN, besides revising and preparing for the exam.
4. I want to make the most out of these two years, because I know afterwards I may not have the time and energy to attend so many MUNs.

On the other hand...
I could go as an observer, to observe and learn from other delegates on their debating skills, how they MUN, et cetra from a third person's point of view. I think it'll be good because I started as a delegate and I realised that even as a delegate, sometimes you tend to overlook some things (ideas, activities, how people act) in the council because you're trying to make your own stance and points clear.
 I didn't choose those economic, military-related committees because I kind of wanted to stay in my comfort zone (e.g. social-cultural issues, development issues, etc). But if I observe, I'll be able to observe those committees and take a look for myself.

(I'm writing it out to make my position clearer and hopefully it'll enable me to decide quickly.)

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