12/24/2016 12:22:00 pm

Post O-Level List: December Updates

It's been awhile since I ticked more things off this list. I'm honestly slightly disappointed that I couldn't complete the tasks as anticipated, mainly because I've been packing, planning and going on more activities than I thought I would. Namely, there was a day trip to a leisure farm with a couple with friends, plus a 6-day Hong Kong trip with my Aunt. I'm currently in the process of going through my photos and picking out the ones for a blog post, so they'll be up sooner or later.

Here's what I've completed since the last post

 1. Mumbo
 7. Volunteer work
 10. Pet therapy (help out there)
 13. Have blackball
19. Get a tripod for my DSLR (earn some cash first!) 

Current list:
◼ 1. Mumbo
 2. Go to Coney Island
 3. Get fairy lights from IKEA
 4. Make a timelapse of sunrise/sunset
 5. Start tutoring (children)
◼ 6. Watch Pink Panther with (friends) (20 Nov)
◼ 7. Volunteer work (help out at a children's christmas party for underprivileged children)
 8. Watercolour
 9. Resume choir practices
◼ 10. Pet therapy (help out there)
 11. Photography trip
 12. Play with & watch fireworks
◼ 13. Have blackball
 14. Eat +/make cake
 15. Swim total 10km
 16. Run total 15 km
◼ 17. Stay up through the night (21-22 Nov)
◼ 18. Sleepover (14-15 Nov)
◼19. Get a tripod for my DSLR (earn some cash first!)
 20. Make 20 lists
 21. Pick up a new skill
 22. Make 99 origami stars (process will be vlogged)


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  1. Oh! Your list reminds me that I gotta go buy fairy lights too! I've been dying to get them but I always forget -__- silly me.
    Congrats on completing stuff on your list!
    What's a Mumbo..?


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