12/24/2016 02:29:00 pm

Five Tips to Surviving Online School

Even though I am not currently attending online school and taking any online courses, I did take 2 academic years of Geography, 3 years of English, 1.5 years of Physics, Chemistry and Biology online. Here's a few things I picked up along the way:

1. Pay attention.
I know it's difficult sometimes to focus on what you teacher is saying, especially when the teacher is halfway across the globe sometimes and droning on and on, and you can't see their face nor other classmates, but refrain from going on the internet or doing something else (besides taking notes).
True, the teacher can't see you, but it's for your own good to focus in class and absorb as much as you can.

2. Even though your teacher is not physically there in front of you, you still should complete and submit your assignments in time, because a. it's for your own good, and b. your teacher will probably chase you afterwards for uncompleted assignments, and if you still don't do it, your parents will be notified.

3. You can have food while in class, to keep you awake or just because you crave it. Even better, you can have your classes (online ones, at least) in a cafe or restaurant.

4. Sometimes it's going to feel very lonely and isolated when you see your friends in public school hanging out with their classmates and friends, and your classmates are all across the globe, and you don't even really know them that much. But it's alright, you should make friends with people around you too.

5. Because you're staying in front of the computer a lot of the time, do spend some time away from technology. Go out, breathe some fresh air between classes, exercise your body and rest your limbs. Give your eyes regular breaks.

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