12/18/2016 09:07:00 pm

Post O-level List #17: stay up all night

21 Nov evening - 22 November morning

The last time I stayed up all night (excluding camp activity), at home, was during my PSLE (Primary School national exam) preparation days, when I just... couldn't sleep. I took a book out and started to read, and occupied myself until the next morning. 

Yesterday I was really tired, so I slept at 1am-ish and woke up at 11am-ish, so hopefully I can stay up all night. Also hope that my mum/dad doesn't notice that I'm awake in my room and make me go to sleep, because I really want to complete my post-o level list.

10:00pm : ate oats and milo plus 2 cups of ice milo (homemade). Then watched Taiwanese talk shows. But wifi is almost nonexistent up here, so it’s frustratingly slow.

11:00pm: took a shower, changed into long pants 

12:30am: Still here. Decided I’ll tick #17 off post-O level list (POL) : stay up all night, since I don’t have anything on the next day and I might not have this opportunity another time.
12:52am: I’m feeling a bit tired, but I think I can hold it till the next day if I occupy myself. Right now the wifi’s still slower than the snails, and I feel bored and my brain feels that sleep is a good option. Maybe I'll fold some origami stars and film the process (but I only have 40ish stars?). Also pre-load some youtube videos so hopefully I don't have to wait for the loading.

12:55am: Tasting blood in my saliva... is it okay? (Don't panic first, I just had a tooth extracted)

1:02 am: Chatting to a friend online who's a night owl plus pre-loading some youtube videos.

1:15am: me right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1:20am: finished the third 45min tv talk show episode for the night, starting the fourth (preloaded) one. Later when I fold the 40ish stars, should I use my phone (time-lapse mode) or DSLR to video (increase speed)? Thought the second option would be aesthetically better but am worried that the battery would run out before I finish folding them stars.

1:48am: preparing for star-making time-lapsing project now, googling which option is better for time-lapse (phone or dslr). Also, testing the time-lapse feature on my phone. It's built in with the camera, I use Asus Zenfone 2 Laser.  I'll also have to do some post-recording processing for that time-lapse video, maybe that would also be done tonight/day. Figuring out how to set things up, where to put the light and camera and stuff etc. 

2:05am: started making stars and filming.

2:25am: took a break as the 8GB sd card couldn't hold more than 19 minutes of recording so have to transfer the video to this computer, empty the SD card and resume star-making. Also water break.

3:15am: finished filming, transferred video to my laptop, going to start editing that video.

4:42am: finished editing the first 2 parts (45 stars, couldn't do 99 because lack of paper). Tired eyes, tired brain. But determined to finish this task (of staying up all night).

5:36am: still watching videos to occupy myself, but the brain is tired...

6:30am: using my phone to timelapse the sky changing colour (from inky black to white). Why are there roosters crowing? Where are they coming from? Also the cool morning wind is very pleasant. Love it.

6:45am: either there is more than one rooster or the lone rooster is very keen to wake everyone in my family up. Usually, I won't take much notice of it (since I'd wake at about 7 or 8am), but today is different.

7:30am: found this interesting drama series (Taiwanese) to watch. Then started my post-O level day of doing nothing much.


  1. I can't believe you managed to stay up, especially with slow wifi! One time, my friend and I spent a few hours wandering the streets at 2am, and got home determined to see the sunrise. She fell asleep, and I had to stay awake to wake her in time. It wasn't easy!!

    PS love your blog, and you're writing style!!


    1. Hey Abby! Your adventures sounds really interesting... Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Wow xD congratulations on staying up all night! I only did this a few times in my life and all of them were against my will >.> like the first few times were because of jet-lag, when your body thinks its day time but it's actually night so you end up pretending it's just a dark stormy day and stay up till sunrise/noon and then fall asleep.
    Another time I had drank a lot of coffee right before bed. And... I couldn't sleep. At all. I just lay in bed all night, looking at the clock and tossing and turning xD cause I really wanted to go to sleep! but I couldn't ;-;
    I just really love sleep ok I'd never stay up all night of my own volition


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