4/30/2016 10:03:00 pm

Hello, May

So I've been seeing a lot of bloggers write out goals for each upcoming month, and thought maybe I should try it, and maybe, hopefully, it'll help with my procrastination and all, since one of the tips to make your goal-making successful is to share them with a bunch of people.

Let's go.

May goals, which I may or may not complete 

1. Cover chapters 2-6 in geography, also complete the past year topical questions. Also speaking of school, stay consistent with revision and work and all that stuff.

2. Less screen time. Meaning, watch less Youtube. go on social media max 4 times a day on weekdays.

3. Get more sleep (basically sleep earlier and wake up early too)

4. Away with procrastination! Meaning, plan and schedule, improve in time management. 

5. Blog more consistently. And when doing that, be productive on the computer.

Arts, Books and Hobbies
6. Open my eyes and appreciate things in life.

7. Read more. (With this I mean more physical paperback books, not Wattpad ones, they don't really count here).

8.  Take more photos. Be less afraid to do so, just do it.

9. Also, my mum signed me up (and also I requested for) an electronics course thingy that included coding and physical circuits and all that things which I'm quite looking forward to. My brothers enjoyed the introduction course (which I had missed) and they told me how fun and interesting it was. At first I wasn't really keen, because I thought, I'm more of an arts kind of person. But really, why not, though? I figured it'll be an interesting hands-on experience and expand my knowledge. So, yeah.

What about you? Do you have any goals for the wonderful fifth month of the year?


  1. Hi there, Zelus! Your Personal goals are same as mine  LOL kind of #typical2016teenager
    I hope you (and me too) can achieve your goals in this month, aameen.

    1. Hey Hana, I really hope so! Thanks for checking out my blog.


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