4/07/2016 05:07:00 pm

Strand of Light

 Written and copyrighted by Zelus @ myhopefulpencil 5.11.15 

Broken heart
Scarred soul
Dreams out of reach
Crumpled, torn and tossed aside
Thrown into a dark abyss
She wallows in despair
Numbed of emotion
Nothing left in her possession

Days passed without any dreams
Nightmares came to her 
like an old friend every night
She saw no means to continue living

This day she looked around and
Saw nothing except
A small ray of light
Peeping through a crack
Calling out to her
Whispering ever so softly
Sweet and gentle
Raw and sincere

With that she gathered the last strands of courage
Gritted her teeth and rolled up her sleeves
Holding desperately onto that single ray
her shirt wet from tears or sweat she could not tell
Day by day, night by night,
She held on and climbed higher and higher

Rested she was tired
But her hands still gripping onto the ray
Her body urged her to let go sometimes
But determined her mind was
Until that small, thin ray

Became bigger, brighter stronger
And one day she reached the end
Looked around and saw

A green, sunny field.

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