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Xin Yao | Songs of Singapore









特别的票 | Special hand-stamped ticket
On 16 Jan, I was invited to watch a documentary about xinyao, which is a genre of music unique to Singapore, composed and sung by Singaporeans. Naturally I was interested- I had grown up listening to xinyao, even though it's popular period was the '80s.

This screening of the documentary was held at the Capitol theatre, and viewers got special hand-stamped tickets that were similar to those in the '80s, I guess. The documentary itself was about the history of xinyao, how it started and the journey.

Though it might be a bit dry for children and teenagers, being a documentary, it is definitely worth a watch. I got a lot of nostalgic feels throughout the movie even though I wasn't even existent during that period.

All in all, it was a very inspirational and touching documentary. You'd have to watch the whole thing to understand what I mean, it can't be explained in words, and in English.

Trailer below:

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