4/21/2016 12:39:00 pm

a little happiness

komorebi (sunlight through the trees)
breeze against your skin
riding a bike downhill
writing with a new pen
starting a new notebook
finishing a notebook
receiving a letter or card
random little kids talking to you
falling asleep to raina
making someone laugh
jumping on trampolines
choir singing songs that we learnt a long time ago and haven't touched
choir singing in harmony
good book with good food
comfortable silence with good friends
being able to help a stranger and being appreciated
a stranger smiling at you
being out in the warm sun (not blazing hot)
watching popcorn pop
watching little kids or elderly get enthusiastic or amazed by simple things
when people you know from a long time ago remember you
finding a lyric or quote you perfectly relate to
hearing your favourite song on the radio
receiving flowers
sweater weather
colours pleasing to the eye
favourite channels uploading a video
lazy days
campfire and marshmallows with friends
smell of freshly baked cookies
when an old friend texts you to see how you are
walking into a bookstore or library
spending hours at the library
seeing everything organised
when people remember what you told them a long time ago
wave crashing
impromptu hangouts
deep conversations
watching someone grow over time
being able to open up
feeling confident
knowing that someone has your back
short and meaningful films
paper and a pen
climbable trees
stars in the night sky
sleeping in
knowing someone appreciates your presence
looking at childhood photos
when they text you first
finding the name of the song stuck in your head
a random shot turning out to be amazing

Happiness comes from small things. I try to appreciate every moment in my life, no matter how small it may be. I'd rather have a life filled with many tiny moments of joy rather than to waste my life waiting for a miracle and realising it was the small moments that mattered.

What is your little happiness?

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