5/05/2016 08:50:00 pm

Youtube, I'm back!

I have been Youtubing on and off these few years.

As you can see, my video doesn't really focus on one area- I have some on music and some on science. And now I'm about to upload my first vlog. At least, I think it's a vlog. 

Here it is!

Also, I'm going to be changing my Youtube channel screen name (the username is already set and cannot be changed) to Ningo. Does that sound okay or a bit weird? What do you think?

Watch the video and comment below (or in Youtube) on what you think!


  1. That was such an interesting vlog. I didn't watch all of it (just the first half) but zobbing? zlobbing? zlorbing? zorbing? it looks so cool? And you and your brother seemed to have a great bonding time going on! xD
    Ningo sounds like a nice name!

    1. (Zorbing) haha. Thanks :)
      Hopefully if time allows I'll be uploading more stuff!


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