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I just got them, and will try to document this process, so that when people ask me how it feels, they'll know. Because when I asked three people-the first who had them for four years and it's still there, the second who just got them out after one year, and the third who just got them on two weeks before me- and they said 'you'll get used to it' (first and third), and 'it'll be painful but it'll be okay after the first week' (second).

2 weeks before.
Went to the dentist, put in separators, got my teeth shape molded (icky, that one) and x-ray. Told I'd have to extract 4 teeth. The seperators didn't feel that bad, only a little tight.

12-13 days before.
Man, I take back what I said about the separators. They ache so much! I ended up having soft foods like porridge, bread (tearing them up into small small pieces) and oatmeal.

 3 hours before extraction.
Had a 2 hour nap before going to the dentist, since I'm guessing I'd lose sleep after extracting teeth and putting on braces. Had a full meal before the nap, and a prata before the dentist's.

At the dentist's.
She took out the separators,
Put in the metal ring-like thingys on the back of my jaw (4 in total).
Put in brackets (small metal pieces which connects the wire later) by sticking it to my teeth with some sort of glue-like gel.
Rubbed a cherry-flavoured gel thing and  injected anesthesia (in the gums, which just felt like having a fishbone poking in the gum for a short while)
Extracted 3 teeth, by vigorously shaking the tooth with some tool. Felt only slight pressure but no pain.
Here's when I got to choose the colour for the rubber bands- blue. There wasn't much variety of colours (less than 10? And only 2 shades of blue, dark and the shade of blue that Google uses (in it's logo), I chose that).
Put in wires.

2.5 hours after 3 teeth extraction and putting on brackets and wires. Feeling extremely angsty and fidgety. Maybe it's the aesthetic? Solved the problem (partially) when I got home, on the piano. Beethoven's Rage Over A Lost Penny helps, especially in a very very fast speed.

3 hours after extraction.
Starting to get hungry. Suppose I can drink something now. Going to have an ice drink, then have a painkiller.


  1. Wow, braces! Exciting! I just got mine off the beginning of this year; I've had them on for 3 years. If you asked me, I would categorize the process into three stages, 1. pain and annoyance(after extraction and the initial period requires a bit of getting used to), 2. getting used to them (it hurts for a couple days after each tightening session but other than that, it's fine), 3. WANTING THEM OFF (after three years...'nuff said).

    Haha, well, I hope you enjoy the process even though it may get a little annoying and stuff. :)


    1. I'm happy for you! The wires are starting to poke out at the ends, and I've been getting ulcers (since i bite on the inside of my cheeks when I sleep), but other than that I'm starting to get used to it!

  2. Braces!! Yay haha. I had four teeth pulled out before I got my first set as well. Mine were permanent (were yours?) so I remember it was a little painful but not much else after the drugs they gave me. Braces hurt whenever you get them tightened, which is not fun, but the colors are fun to choose. Your mouth learns how to work with them I guess, and words will sound normal again. Just take good care of them and do everything the orthodontist says. I had mine for two years, did everything perfectly, then got them off and had to get them back on a year later because of one stupid tooth that moved. I was so mad. But no braces now, and my teeth are nice and straight! It's worth it. Good luck and congrats on your new set of braces!!

    1. I suppose my braces are permanent... for the next 1.5-2 years. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to get used to the feeling of some metal in my mouth, but when I talk it gets hard to pronounce the 's', 'th' and stuff. I'm really happy for your straight teeth!

  3. The title of your post makes me laugh... I had braces, and I was so happy when I got them off. Good luck with yours!

    Also, a while back you sent in a guest post for me to publish on my blog... I just want to say that I am terribly sorry that I am JUST getting around to posing it. >.< I'm so sorry it is so late... but I hope it's still okay if I post it, if not just let me know. I'm putting it together right now and should probably be up on the blog tomorrow. :)

    xx Mackenzie

  4. God, I got my 'berhashes' off last January and I just relived the misery by reading this post. I can totally relate! Especially the separators, which in my opinion were the most painful part of the braces process. Good luck with the rest of it, and I hope you can eat solid foods soon :).

    I love your blog and I'm looking forward to your upcoming content! You have a really cute layout and all of your posts make me really happy.


    1. Hey Meghna, thank you for your really sweet comment :) Checking out your blog now!


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