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Two weeks ago, on 19th April 2015, I kinda turned vegetarian. I emphasize on kinda, because I'm not a very strict one. For example, I don't eat meat, but then vegetable dishes like kangkong sambal or sambal petai I gladly devour.

(add eggs, dairy and honey into the equation and it's perfect.)

The reason? Despite my brothers (and some friends') belief and assumption, I actually didn't turn vege because some of my friends and relatives did. (Emphasize on some friends) Well, that point above probably contributed a small bit, but it wasn't the main reason.

Ever since I started to have common sense (not in a sarcastic way, I meant like around three), I had been feeling a tinge of guilt whenever I eat meat. To be blunt, you basically have a corpse in you mouth. Carcass. Okay, that sounded disgusting, but sadly true. That small morsel of guilt multiplied when I had a couple of fishies as pets when I was eight, then ten. And meals with fish (especially when it's steamed or fried in it's original form, not in fillet form) became a turn-off for me.

Anyway, I realised that if you have a good enough motive or reason to do something, you will do it in the long run.

Sure, some people cringe at the thought of giving up meat. But the thing is, you don't have to entirely do that. Some people I know don't eat meat but fish is okay, for some seafood is okay,  each having their own reasons.

What I mean to say is that eating vegetarian is actually not as bad as some people think. True, at first you need self-control, but the rest of the journey is actually sunshines and rainbows. (Not literally). There are many many really delicious dishes without meat, and vegetarian restaurants nowadays are making mock-fish, mock-crab, mock-everything. And you get to eat it, guilt-free. (Kidding about the guilt part.)

And my grandma, who's been a longtime strict vegetarian, frequently buys vegetarian stuff (e.g. vegetarian duck, vegetarian char siew paos and other paos, as well as mock-bak kwa during Chinese New Year), so it's not like I'm just eating rice or noodles with vegetables and egg.

And also I realised that eating vegetarian means that food's a bit cheaper when you eat normal dishes and change the meat into extra vege or egg.


Let me give you some cute examples to awwww over:

*P.S remember to feed the fishies at the bottom of this blog! I'm sure they'll greatly appreciate your kindness and have some time entertaining yourself!

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