4/11/2015 11:00:00 am

The book of quotes

I have a book of quotes.
Rather, a name card holder with quotes written (some scribbled, some decorated) on the small area of card space.

I started maybe three years ago, and stopped last year for some reason. I categorised them into topics like Life, Hope, Happiness, Beauty, Smiles, Dreams, etc. It's not very impressive, but while writing the blog post Hope, I was looking for quotes on the topic and that 'book' was useful.

If you're a person who loves quotes and meaningful words, I would strongly recommend doing something like this. I've seen people 'collect' quotes online, on tumblr or blog or something else, but it's just not the same. Reading stories on iPad and Kindle just feels different from holding a pile of paper binded, printed with black ink and feeling the crisp paper with the musty scent of old books.

Not only are they impressive when shown to others, not that many see my precious collection, but they are meaningful and... yeah. I'm out of words.

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