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Types of People you meet at MUN

Now I know I haven't been to that many MUN conferences, but since I felt like writing this post, I will, and it would probably be constantly updated as I attend more MUNs and meet more people.
Five people you meet in MUN part 2part 1 (Disclaimer- gifs not mine)

1. The delegates who seems quiet but ends up running the committee.

2. The eloquent diplomat

3. Well-prepared delegate

4. The delegate who opposes his/her country's stand
5. The delegate who spends his/her time sending notes with pick-up lines

6. That sassy delegate

7. That emotional and dramatic delegate

8. The delegate who seems to be sleeping

9. The confused newbie

10. The over-enthu, hyper delegate who constantly waves his placard around hoping to be called.

11. The one who's inactive in committee sessions but during Socials he/she's the popular one.

12. The person who's in the committee photo but you don't remember him/her name or country, because that delegate didn't come up and talk, or do anything. 

13. The experienced delegate. They have been to so many MUNs that they can't remember which number it is, tenth or eleventh? Confused about Rules of Procedure (RoP)? Don't worry, they'll gladly explain the difference between suspension and adjournment of debate, as well as explain all the points and motions.

14. The one who everyone knows would win an award.

15. The Storyteller.
"Once upon a time, in a country named _(Country)_, there was a ..... "

16. The Analogy/quote dictionary. 
"This resolution is like a _____. __(Reason)___"
"Winston Churchill/Ban Ki-moon once said, '......'"

Recognise any? Which ones are you?

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