1/01/2016 11:30:00 pm

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Today is page one, of three hundred and sixty-six pages (because it's a leap year).

A new chapter, a new book titled '2016'.

For me, 2016 will be a year full of challenges, which includes a series of final exams that mark the ending of the past four years of schooling. I'll definitely need to learn to tackle procrastination and to manage my time wisely.

While I welcome 2016, I feel that there is actually no difference between December 31 to January 1 and June 30 to July 1 (besides the year of course), or any 2 days for the matter.

We can choose to start afresh, to set goals, to change and eliminate bad habits, to make resolutions any day of the year. What you need is the courage to realise and admit your flaws from yesterday, the wisdom to realise what you need to change today, and the determination to change hereafter.

Nevertheless, to all those reading this on the first day 2016,  the start of a new year is a good opportunity for you to think over what you have been doing and think of any points you would like to improve on, or any new challenges you would like to take on for yourself.

If you are reading this on 2nd Jan onwards, may it be in April, August, November of 2016, or 2017, 2018... remember that tomorrow is always a new start. Every day, every morning is a new dawn, a change for you to start afresh. Every day you should promise yourself to do better and be a better person than you were yesterday.

There were many things I did last year that I was unsatisfied with, these I want to improve in 2016. Hope you can do the same.


Happy 2016! Stay healthy and happy. All the best in your studies if you're in school, or work if you're working! Hope to see you around.



  1. It's so true that you can set new goals every single day, but yeah I agree that the first of January is a really good motivational opportunity. In reality though, we really are always adapting ourselves and striving for a new improvement: every. single. day.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. :) That's right! Thanks for reading, M, and happy 2016!

  2. Beautiful :) I especially love the titles of this post- and it is so true that every day is a new beginning.


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