12/31/2015 06:48:00 pm

Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

Many things happened in this year.

I became more active here, on my blog. If you could check, I had 8 posts in 2014, while this is the 160th post of 2015.

There was MUN. MUN took up a lot of my days in 2015. It made me think more, think deeper, and I learned how to share my ideas and points with others.

I became more aware of current events and stuff that happened around me, mostly due to MUN.

For the first time (maybe the last in a very long time) I had a 'proper' summer break, and I guess I spent it kind of productively. Read about my summer break here.

I also saw Arsenal play this year. I wasn't sitting so close that I could see their faces throughout the match, but it was a new experience nevertheless. Read about it here. I also was more well informed (I wouldn't say I was very much, but just average) of Arsenal news, and a bit more of the happenings of other players from other clubs, at least more than last year.

I had a rather major Chinese exam. While preparing for it, I also encountered some Chinese music, movies and television shows that was a big eye opener to the Chinese culture that I wasn't really familiar with.

In 2015 two of my friends left. One physically moved somewhere far away, while the other went to school. The first one I kept in contact with, but the latter I decided to just let go.

I had some of my lowest points where it felt like I was isolated, but at the same time I had one of the best days of my life at the camp which was held in December, which meant that thankfully 2015 ended on a rather good note.


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