12/23/2015 01:42:00 am


Early morning late at night of the 23rd/22nd December. Two more days until Christmas, and I'm not very excited. Sorry Christmas maniac lovers.

Camp has recently ended and there's just this gaping hole in my heart. It's been an amazing indescribable experience, but I won't share it here.

Back to the topic of the holiday that almost everyone in the European and North American continent celebrates. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas-I mean, at my old home we set up a christmas tree and receive presents from my mum and dad, but that was when I was much younger. Now that we have moved, the tree didn't move with us and Christmas is almost amother day for us, unless someone invites us to their place for Christmas celebrations.

Hold on. I am still excited for Christmas. Because the day after Christmas is a Christmas party for the campers from my camp where I will get to see everyone again. So, in a way, I am excited for Christmas.

Time to get out my writing materials, purchase paper and envelopes and write cards from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I miss Christmas, But is it weird not celebrating it? What do you do? Do you just have a normal day? Im actually quite intrested :) <3

    1. Well it's really just another day for me...
      Except this year, I had a Christmas Countdown with a group of friends on Eve, but on 25th itself I don't do anything out of the ordinary...


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