3/10/2015 09:16:00 pm

Arsenal beat Man Utd in FA Cup!

In my last post that I wrote Arsenal fan several hours before Arsenal played Manchester United at Old Trafford, I had expressed my greatest hope for them to win.

And guess what. They did.
Okay, exclamation points are in order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nacho Monreal (25th minute) assisted by Ox-Chamberlain.
Wayne Rooney (29th minute) heads the ball into the goal.
Danny Welbeck (61th minute) takes advantage of Valencia's backpass, goes past Dea Gea and scores!
There has been a lot of controversies online about Welbeck celebrating after scoring against his former team. And how Robin Van Persie didn't, when he moved from Arsenal to Man Utd and scored for the Devils. And also David Luiz scored for PSG against his former team Chelsea.
Personally, I think Welbeck can celebrate however and whenever he wants. I guess he wanted to prove himself to Van Gaal, who had said "Danny Welbeck is only good enough to be a substitute for Manchester United." And it was a tough fight. 
Szczesny and Per
Per's outrageously celebrating photos are getting hilarious.

Sanchez could have scored 3-1, but Dea Gea isn't one of EPL's top keepers for nothing...

So the semi finals are Bradford City or Reading vs Arsenal

*Disclaimer: these pictures are not mine and will never be, unfortunately.

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