1/19/2017 10:37:00 pm

In Retrospect: 2016

2016 was a stressful year with lots of emotions, a lot of self-discovery and unearthing more of the real world. 

A new start. 

Let go of any grudges and unhappiness from last year and begin on a fresh page.

Academic-wise, it was O Level Year. Preparing for the final year exam of secondary school was really a test of my discipline and confidence in myself. I always felt underprepared no matter how much reassurance I got from my friends and teachers, and the largest source of stress was probably myself. 

Friendship wise, I got to know who were my real friends and who were just... there. I am grateful, though, for those who can make me feel better instantly or divert my attention away from the stressful stuff in my life.

It's not the best year, but hey you need downs before you can go upwards. Plus, the experiences and lessons from this year helped me grow and learn.

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