1/19/2017 10:56:00 pm


photo by me

A new start
let go of any grudges and unhappiness from last year
and begin on a fresh page. 
New year, new hopes and goals.
Be more tolerant of others.
Be more patient and less rushed, take it slow.
Take things with a more positive perspective with less complaining. Analyse what is wrong and do something about it.
Do it before hesitation comes, no more procrastination.
Initiative, no matter how/what it is, once of you think of it, do it. Be it tasks, responsibilities or being the one to contribute/start discussion.
Welcome challenges, take it as an opportunity to learn, experience and grow.
Give more than I can take.
Focus on the inside, be less judgemental and embrace uniqueness.
Be less materialistic and self-centered, think from others' perspective.
Priorities, priorities priorities.
Try not to break friendships, mend and maintain them. You never know when you need them until you're in hot waters.

For 2017 I hope it can be fruitful, fulfilling, irregrettable, filled with opportunities to learn and grow.

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  1. Interesting post. Not hesitating is certainly important. :)


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