5/19/2016 04:31:00 pm

What's in my Pencil Case

My pencil case is something that I always bring along when going for classes. However, these are not all the stationery I use- some stay in my pen holder beside my desk at home (but that's for another post). I thought you guys would like to know what I store in my pencil case. So, without further ado...

Writing pens: 
Pilot 0.5 Rexgrip Pencil
Pink | Orange | Light Blue | Emerald Green | Blue (x2) | Black 0.38 uniball signo DX.
0.5 Pilot Super Gel Blue/Black

I like to use the 0.38 uniball signo DX blue pen for writing the major parts of my notes, as well as in essays and exam papers, that's why I have two of them.

Mint Green Zebra Midliner
Pink | Orange | Yellow| Green| Purple Pilot SWSLR Spotliter
Blue Stabilo Flash
Just yesterday I had the chance to go to Popular (large chain of bookshops here) and checked out the Zebra Midliners a lot of studyblrs have been talking about/featuring. They were a bit on the pricey side, for highlighters ($1.95, compared to Spotliter's $1.20 and Stabilo Flash's $1.05). But since I found the highlighters a bit too glaring for me when I highlight my written notes, making it difficult to read them, I decided to try one of the midliners. The ink came out closer to a shade of light blue than green, but that's okay with me, I guess.

These highlighters, pens and pencil get a little unorganised in a pile when stuffed in my pencil case, and it takes awhile to navigate through all of those writing materials to find the pen that I'm looking for, so I figured out a way to 'organise' them, without changing my pencil case- by clipping them onto a piece of paper (folded many times).

(left to right, up to down)
Pencilcase and Miscellaneous
'icon HIGH SCHOOL' pencil case 
Green post-it pad
Pentel hi-polymer eraser
kangaroo stapler
Toyo Klic 5mm correction tape
Uni Pin Fine Line 0.05 Black pen
Sakura Japan White Gelly Roll pen
light purple | dull green | grey Clean Colour markers
uni 0.5 2B Leads
Casio fx-96SG PLUS calculator
Elsoon protractor, 
scrap paper for scrap notes
x2 SureMark 15cm ruler

The pencil case was bought 4 years ago at Popular when I started secondary school, they don't sell these any more. I like the kangaroo stapler which is collapsable, compact and convenient. The green post it pad is mainly for extra information to add into my notes.

That's it for today (and probably this week), guys! As you can see, that is quite a lot of items in a pencil case. I'm amazed myself that I can zip the case close.

This post is also on my studyblr.


  1. So fun! I love all the pens!

  2. I just love looking at people's collections of pens?? they're so colorful and make me happy! xD

    1. Same, that's what studyblr's (partially) for right? :D

  3. Having an addiction to stationary, this post was my drug!

    P.s Great choice of calculator, have the same one. Haha.

    1. Thanks!
      P.S. haha thanks, I didn't have much choice in calculator models (the education ministry has a list for allowed calculators in exams)...

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog because I absolutely love stationary.


    1. Thanks, hope I'll see you around...?


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