11/05/2014 09:30:00 pm

Online Schooling out of UK

I've been taking online courses as part of my homeschooling, and they have pros and cons. I used to take Geography, and now just English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology online.

Flexible and convenient- I can have my classes anytime, as long as I have my computer, WiFi connection, my textbook and notebook. So if I'm overseas (haven't tried that yet), I can still probably have my lessons, or if I'm at a friend's place (happens too often) and I don't want to rush back, I can just have lesson at their place.

Virtual chat- As a person who doesn't really talk much in real classes, I guess I'll say I'm more in online classes as I can just type it and not literally open my mouth. Typing is a better alternative than speaking for me.

Time difference- My courses are conducted by teachers in the UK, so their morning is my afternoon, their afternoon is my evening. So I kind of have my evenings filled for almost every day of the school week, except during half term and the holidays.

Attention span- After awhile, I sometimes zone out, cause the teacher's just like talking and pointing on the virtual whiteboard, or get distracted.

Butt (whole body) ache- Sitting there for two hours in front of the computer, even with a 15 min break in between, can be quite draining. Takes awhile to get used to.

Different classmates- Different people take different online courses, and because we only see each other online we don't talk as much as we would like to,  I guess... but I'll still see some of my friends in other non-online classes, so it's alright.

Seems like there's more pros than cons, but the advantage is quite big, compared to the four little complains. Online schooling is a better alternative for home schoolers, compared to textbook studying, from my view. Also, no need to clean up the classroom after you're done, just click the 'exit' button and you're done. (You may need to clean your own real table though, of eraser bits or stray pens.)

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