2/26/2017 12:48:00 am

together we advance // 10 things

1. having graduated with a bang and my batch has left "a legacy" for the juniors to follow

2. the anticipation of the possibility of seeing him around

3. chats with my friend about my day at school and her day at home

4. the memories making me look forward

5. spiral notebooks, bound notebooks, stapled notebooks

6. the realisation that i've known some of these people for more than five years and will advance
together with them and work with them for the many years in the future

7. the unexpected murmur of "all the best"s from the shy guy as you head out from backstage onstage to perform

8. somehow being really proud of the person for having the courage to stand alone on the stage, singing a song in a foreign language and pulling it off well

9. the support of my friends and family, some who offer words of encouragement and assurance, and those "if anyone gives you trouble in your new school, i'm just a call away"

10. "let's cry while we eat" the desert that they prepared for us, their sincerity and care for us is felt through the sweet and tanginess we taste in our hearts.

Since I'm gonna be busy, I'm aiming to blog frequently (at least twice a month hopefully), and this '10 things' format makes it slightly easier as it can be anything on my mind or the day.

2 weeks of school life down, the new and permanent timetable's out, with lots of homework and assignments out to get us but I will conquer them! Also there are some opportunities for extra learning and experiencing, one of which I've been selected for to represent the school.

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