11/12/2016 03:26:00 pm

Announcement: Blogging Schedule

Before I say anything, I must apologize for this random on-and-off blogging pattern the past year. I would say it's due to the O level hectic schedule, with commuting and studies taking up a lot of my time, but in reality, it's really an excuse I use too much. I do have time, just that my spare time is not managed wisely and often spent binge-watching, binge-reading, or binge-sleeping. Other times I don't feel like using words to express myself.

Recently I saw Kanra's post on how to having a schedule while blogging, and that got me to reflect on my blogging schedule. Correction: non-existent blogging schedule. Never have I once decided "I should blog once a week, posting on fridays". Sure, I did participate in Blogtopber last year, where I posted every single day in October, but that was about it. And now that O level exams are almost over and I would have around one and a half months without school taking up my time, I decided I should start maintaining a consistent blogging habit, so that when I do start school, I won't be so stressed out about blogging.

In my 'About' page, I have announced that I would blog twice a week, and usually post on Tuesdays and Saturdays. But this is just a rough guideline for myself to follow, it can sometimes appear on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays... depending on my mood, sometimes more than twice a week. I will try my best and challenge myself come up with new content weekly, or simply to update on my life.

How I plan execute this plan (do you see it):

1. Use my daily planner to remind myself to draft post A for idea 1, publish B, finish the draft C... I use post-it notes (I cut them into smaller pieces as they're a bit too large for the squares in my planner) so they are flexible, for example if I had a post planned for today, but I had a sudden inspiration to write something that I simply need to share with you guys today, I can just postpone my the other posts and push the plans accordingly. I love the flexibility post-it notes give. I can also write down all the drafts I have into separate pieces of post-its, then decide where to stick them (when to publish them).
there's a lot of ideas, so these might (will) flow over to the next month, or even the next year.
2. Try my best to stick to the schedule. If I foresee myself being super caught up in school, exams, life in general, I'd announce that I'll be taking a break, but still try to schedule a few posts so that the blog is active.

As of now, I have 38 drafts (not including the scheduled posts). That's 38 unfinished ideas still lingering (maybe dried up) in my mind (or at least in my drafts). I will try my best to touch up these drafts and publish them accordingly.

That's about it! I had a blogging diarrhea this afternoon,  a good one, where your brain just lights up and gives you a gazillion ideas for blog posts. I have drafted some of them and they're ready to be published... in the following Tuesdays and Saturdays. Stay tuned, and come back every Tuesday and Friday!


  1. Oh! That post it notes idea is really nice! I never thought about using them that way. I hope you manage to get through those 38 drafts and have your blog running smoothly! Best of luck and support from me <3

  2. Wow, what a plan. :D Those post it notes are a wonderful idea. I've never been able to stick to any kind of schedule, and whenever I try, it just fails. So I've gone with a "try to post every few days at least" approach. Nothing strict, nothing planned. Just a basic, flexible goal. Worked out great since my blog's been going (except lately.. lol).

    Your spare time sounds so much like mine.. :D If I'm not working on school work, it's Netflix or a book, sleeping an absurdly long time, or browsing the Internet for a couple hours. #livingthelife

    I wish you the best of luck working out a good schedule for yourself and keeping to it! We all understand how hard it is to do so.

    1. Thanks, Eve! I'm also a bit too idealistic sometimes... so we'll see how the plan goes xD

  3. "Blogging Diarrhoea" made me laugh way too much for an 16 year old. I've been binging the Harry Potter series... Opps...



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