11/11/2016 02:59:00 pm

11:11 on 11.11

It's 11.11 today, make a wish (or many wishes)! 

today's 11.11
so it's twice the effect
it may not be real
but it doesn't hurt to hope
what if we wished on a shooting star on 11:11 on 11.11? 
from tumblr
Will that be thrice the probability that the wish will come true?

It's kind of interesting how people view some occurrences, such as shooting stars or spotting a four-leaf clover as lucky, while on the other hand the number 4 in Chinese is viewed as unfortunate because the pronunciation of '4' in Chinese is sì (fourth tone), close to 'sî' (third tone) (death). 

Shooting star and 11:11 wishes are rather common and portrayed in movies and books. 

(not my type of song but here's an example)

The gif of the shooting star above may not be experienced by us in real life, but many people including me have made a wish on this digital shooting star and have claimed that it works (for me too). It is probably less of the 'luck' shooting star gives, but more of us visualising our wish and embedding it into our mind. Perhaps us humans like to put our hopes and dreams on an inanimate object or an occurrence, and attribute our unfortunate events to that black cat or not having our good luck keychain with us.

At the end of the day what we do, what result we get, what consequence happens, depends on our effort, and not our 'good luck' charms. But it really doesn't hurt to make a wish next time you see a shooting star, or blow the dandelion.

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