3/04/2014 05:20:00 pm

Short summary of myself

I am myself. Myself is me. Me is a blogger. A blogger is someone who writes about their thoughts or whatever in their blog. (I'm not sure if it's the correct definition, if you want one just google it yourself.)

1. I am a procrastinator. Therefore, when I don't blog for months, you'll know that I'm just having my life and procrastinating, and not dead instead.

2. I like Captain America (hence half of the blog title, duh), and Marbles (the other half of the blog title, *lightbulb*). The main reason for these two likes is because the name of my group in this camp in one year was Captain (Avengers theme year), and the name for my group last year was Goli (traditional games themed), which is a local (Hindu?) word for Marble. (UPDATE: This blog name is changed to My Hopeful Pencil."

3. Football (soccer). You're reading the words of a Gunner, which is the term for an Arsenal FC supporter.

4. Music.

5. Piano.

6. Singing. I sing anytime and everywhere. While doing my homework, in the bathroom (according to comicalien, it has great acoustics. And I agree), in the car. When you see me quiet, I'm just singing in my heart.

7. Humor. Even though I don't really show it when I just meet you, a lot of my close friends say I'm really funny. (Their words, not mine.) Sarcastic, more like.

8. I'm learning German (just, started this year, 2014)

9. Sometimes I run out of ideas or inspiration to write.

10. I'm not very girly, though I strongly support women's rights (and girls' rights to play football and other sports).

11. I have really bad time organisation, so sometimes I'll blog a whole load of stuff, and sometimes I'll disappear mysteriously *poof* for a while.

12. I'm not sure if you're supposed to include a full stop after each point in point form, but I'll add since it feels incomplete without the full stop (or ! ).

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