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You've probably come here because, well, you're curious of what I write about. Well I had another blog, but after an unfortunate incident last week, I decided to start life afresh and create a new blog. Of course, the world would be chaotic if one could just click the 'New Life' or 'Restart your life' button every time something unfortunate happened. On the other hand, it may be benefitting for one, who, for example, lost one's eyesight at a very young age.

Back to the topic. Now you may be asking, what is the unfortunate incident about? You see, I visited my blog last week, only to find most of my posts from the year of 2013 has disappeared! Of course, I was tremendously grieved, and I mourned for the loss of my posts. At least I had decided to start a diary last year, and it was like, the width of your biggest toe. Unless you are a 3/4/5/6/7 year old reader (I am honoured if you are), you would imagine that my diary is probably quite thick. Which it is, stored with my memories, frustration, happiness, boredom, doodles, and awful (and rarely, neat) handwriting.

Now, I must assure you that I do not usually press the 'new blog' button often, this is the second 'Life' blog that I have created. Creating a new blog is like starting at a secondary school after being in primary school for 6 years. Followers/readers are like your fellow classmates and friends. When you start a new blog (school), some followers/readers (friends/classmates) will join you at your new blog (school). Are you confused? No? Good. Because if you are, I can't help you.

NO, THIS BLOG IS NOT RELATED, WILL NOT MENTION AND DOES NOT FEATURE CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. Fans of that comic character can visit my friend (not mentioning, related or featuring Captain U either), comicalien.

Follow, comment and hope you come back soon.

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