6/27/2017 11:11:00 pm

starting to bore of this routine life

life seems to feel it's getting very routine-based and I'm finding it suffocating

wake up at 6am, travel to school and reach before 7am, start lessons at 8am and ending in the late afternoon.

travel back home, slack for awhile, have dinner and start on homework.

Sleep at 12am. Wake up, repeat.

the most exciting that happens comes up only once in awhile

I can start to feel myself operating like a robot

nothing much really happens

sure, there's events at school once in awhile and the stress of tests

friends definitely make the grind more bearable

and here's the thing, I am barely putting up with school but I want to make this the best time of my life so far

but things are so predictable and sometimes I want to break away from this regime

do something exciting, have something every day that makes me look forward to the next moment

a school life with anticipation of the unexpected

full of changes that no one foresaw

something that I can take control of

Instead of seeing glaze past me

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