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Nodame Cantabile

I just watched a bit of Nodame Cantabile.

I had been introduced to this Amazing TV series/later-movie series by my piano teacher a couple of years ago, when I started learning from her. Which was in Grade 5 (Piano, not level of education), which is....  5 years ago. Aiya, time goes by that fast (not really...)!

It's a really really good drama series. It's actually the only drama series (or Japanese, for that matter) that I watch and enjoy.

If you want to know what it's about, go google it. I'm sorry but I'm really horrible at summaries. Maybe some other time. Okay, fine.

This guy, (Shinichi) Chiaki, is a senior at a music university in Tokyo. He is the son of a famous and rich pianist and has aspiring dreams to be a conductor. However due to his childhood fear of planes and boats, he finds himself stuck in Japan. He studies Piano. I'd call him stoic. He's the top pianist in the school. He is a perfectionist; is not only critical of himself, but others as well. He is rather haughty, and some guys in his school are jealous of the attention others give him

His junior, named (Megumi) Noda (usually called Nodame) is almost the opposite of Chiaki. She comes from a family of seaweed farmers. She is head-over-heels for him and has ridiculous daydreams about him (she has a totally innocent and pure mind, people!) She has a great ear and prefers to learn by listening rather than sight-reading. She is lazy and messy and loves to eat.

Chiaki is awed after listening to her playing one day. To him, her playing is sloppy, but special somehow. It takes a long time for him to appreciate her, both musical abilities and her personality-wise.

As the time pass, they both learn to improve themselves in music.
(I won't give anymore summary as it'll spoil the story, and you won't want to watch it xD)

I'll try my best to describe how I feel about Nodame Cantabile.

Nodame Cantabile is more than a Japanese music series. It focuses on more than drama, or love, for that matter.

It portrays music in different ways- music played by fun-loving people who aren't that good, music played by serious, mature, students who are the best in their schools.

It's humourous at times that it just cracks me up, yet sombre sometimes.

When I first watched this 5 years ago, I was immensely inspired. Yes, the way the characters love their music is just to heartening and after watching it, I always feel the urge and inspiration to sit at the piano and play.


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