2/01/2015 05:41:00 pm

How I would describe myself as a third person

If I could describe myself as third person, I guess this would be something like this:

This person is somewhat sociable on the screen, that is, on social media, messaging etc, but is surprisingly quiet in real life to someone whom she is not comfortable with.
Silently observes, talks when asked to or when needed.
When with comfortable company, she will be slightly crazy , depending on how close she is with the others.
Doesn't fake expressions and emotions, hates flowery/dramatic words and expressions (except sarcasm).
Has biasedness against overdramatic, spoiled, over-confident (bitchy), irresponsible individuals.
Admires initiative, responsible, funny,  honest, loyal, humourous people.
Stays silent when pissed off, will explode when pushed over the limits.
Usually keeps emotions to herself.
Procrastinates on things that she doesn't enjoy doing (eg certain homework).
Starts out organized but sometimes doesn't stay neat.
Sometimes a leader, sometimes a follower.
Direct in giving advice.
Has a somewhat solid mental stamina (not exercise-wise), when tired doesn't usually complain.
Listener than talker.
Cool and collected.

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